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Breaking it down...

I'm a Coder, have been for many years and I love coding. I've taken dives into everything from C# on large scale enterprise apps, ported scaled security systems in Java to other languages, slung C, C++ and Objective-C on projects and surfed the web building JavaScript Apps. The list goes on and on as I'm super passionate about coding, but what I focus on and am skilled at only starts there.

I'm a Messenger, in the sense that I've been in roles as advocate, evangelists or 'the super excited guy' because I am interested, driven and like to get intimately involved in technology, implementation and seeing the big picture of how the technology - software or hardware - affects us day to day. In this way I advocate and build systems, content, documentation even to bring knowledge to those that seek to build our future!

I'm Recon, I scope out, read voraciously, learning always, watching for queues and market shifts, new inventions and how they'll tie together for the next innovation. I like to get involved and stay involved at hackathons, with other companies in partnerships and bringing engineering efforts together.

...and that's just the high level!

Personal Information

818 SW 3rd Ave #378
Portland, OR 97204
"adronhall" at the ""
503 890 8036


2010 - now

Startup & Small Biz Chief Tech & Ops Officer

from September 2010 to the present

Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and San Francisco

I've setup a company to work with startups and small businesses with getting the right architecture, build and deployed product into place. I've pushed this business forward using lean startup approaches, focused on quality, user experience, and putting together teams that can get products built and deployed.

My focus and customer base has been startups in the very early stages of funding with early stage funding such as seed or A series, and small businesses working to grow their client base.

My approach has been technology neutral; However the technology frameworks used focused on; node.js for simple services, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, JavaScript using jQuery and related libraries for UI, mobile UI, and related multi-tier web development. For more about these implementations, suggestions, practices, and other information please check out my blog at → Composite Code

2010 - now

Technology Writer / Author / Journalist @ CloudAve

from December 2010 to present

Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and San Francisco

At CloudAve I've put together and written numerous articles on Cloud Computing, Software Development, and Leadership in the Software Industry. Through this position I have built relationships, elaborated on cloud computing, and expanded the knowledge of this industry with other thought leaders in the industry.

As part of the the role of writer, I also attend conferences such as OSCON, OS Bridge, Agile Open Northwest, and others to gain insight to the movement and development of cloud, development, and related technologies.

For more, check out → CloudAve

2012 - 2013

Coder, Messenger, Recon (i.e. Technical Evangelist) @ Basho

from December 2012 to August 2013

Portland, Seattle, Vancouver (BC) & Others

Responsible for partnership reconnoitering, assisting on sales calls, working with partnership integration at New Relic and others. Handled all community organizing, conference organization and outreach in the Pacific Northwest (Cascadia Region). The user groups I formed and managed included two key groups.

  • Seattle Basho & Riak User Groups
  • Portland Basho & Riak User Groups

I also attended, spoke at and provided training at a number of conferences and user groups throughout the United States.

Coding & development of vertical integration projects along with other horizontally scaled integration projects. From a tactical perspective integration involved JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby (on Rails, Sinatra or other variances), middleman for documentation, .NET and other languages working with Riak. Assisted customers with horizontal and vertical architecture around networking, security and other requirements to implement Riak, Riak with Redis, Neo4j, Postgres and other various technologies to provide highly available, scalable, high performance, resilient distributed data systems for application development.


Coder, OSS Organizer, & Product Manager @ Tier 3

from March 2012 to November 2012

Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, New York & Others

I joined Tier 3 in March to lead the Web Fabric PaaS Team, expand the Iron Foundry Community ( and push forward the Thor Projects (

The initial release of the Tier 3 Web Fabric was deployed in May ( After the release I have focused primarily around advocacy, community leadership around the Iron Foundry Open Source Software Projects and initiating, building and leading the team that is coding the Thor Project as a UI for Cloud Foundry PaaS Environments.

In addition to these efforts I also routinely speak at user groups, keynotes, or other groups and lead community efforts around mentoring, teaching and expanding programming practice and knowledge in several cities including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and generally anywhere I can get to and organize events.


Cook to Tech to Drive to Electrician to Construction worker @ Many Places...

from August 1996 to 2012

Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, New York & Others

For more information check out my profile @→ LinkedIn

Updates to this site and others are coming! For more information check out my profile @→ LinkedIn